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Kim + Nathan’s Mt. Falcon Engagement Session!~ Morrison, CO

We almost cancelled.  It was a Colorado day….sunny in the AM, and impending crazy snow storm looming over the hills….and then the wind picked up.  really??  what is with the freakin’ wind this year!!?  Anyway– we decided to go for it anyway– defying the elements– we are bad ass.

I’m so glad we did!  I am really digging the look of the dark clouds in the background of some of these images!  Kim and Nathan are super cute, and I’m totally excited for their Wedding this fall at Arrowhead Golf course!

Their little dog Charlie is such a cute little nugget!  He kept barking whenever he was’t in the picture— like, “hey!  look at me!!  What about me!!??”  One of those dogs that is not a puppy but still looks like one….I would totally have one of those!

Congrats Kim and Nathan!  See you in the Fall!

Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-1 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-2 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-3 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-4 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-5 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-6 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-7 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-8 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-9 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-10 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-11 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-12 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-13 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-14 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-15 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-16 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-17 Morrison-engagement-photography-mt.falcon-18


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