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Amber is a mama-to-be!~ Boulder outdoor Maternity Photography~ Chautauqua Park

I love these two.  Really.  If you follow my blog, you probably recognize them!  I have had the pleasure of photographing their Engagement photos, their Wedding, and now their next adventure in life….Parenthood!  I have known Amber for a long time….we go way back to Junior High days— and I am, again, so happy that we were reunited after so long!

for their Maternity shoot– we decided to meet up at Chatauqua Park for some cool/pretty outdoor shots.  As I drove over the hill form the east into Boulder….it literally looked like a tornado and massive hail storm (which we have been having lots of this year….) was going to boot us out……but the rain held out, and the sky was just gorgeous for us!  The mist and fog on the mountain was so cool…..I was totally photo-geeking out on them.

Amber looks so beautiful– (and how handsome is Ethan!?) and we had a blast hanging out and snapping some couple shots!  I know exactly how I can make Amber laugh– because we are both silly nerds together!  The other super fun part of this shoot was that her best friend, Carrie, is due 2 weeks after here, and they are both having boys!!  (Carrie’s Maternity sesh will be up shortly as well!)  So, Amber asked her to come meet us for a bit so they could get some “best friend” pre go pics together!  I LOVE it.  Friends are family….so how cool to have your best friend experiencing motherhood right along with you!

Anyway- enjoy!  Baby Paterno to come soon! 😉

maternity session on trail with two dogs in foreground dog puts paws on pregnant belly outdoors maternity portrait of laughing woman with misty mountains in background maternity portrait blonds hair woman with flatiron mountains in background sitting pregnant woman in tall green grass in boulder colorado mountains boulder-maternity-chautauqua-6 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-7 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-8 intimate black and white maternity portrait with hands on belly sitting in tall grass boulder-maternity-chautauqua-10 funny maternity portrait woman kicking legs up on husband in colorado outdoors boulder-maternity-chautauqua-12 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-13 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-14 two pregnant women link arms laughing with colorado mountains in background funny best friends maternity portrait sticking tongues out in boulder colorado boulder-maternity-chautauqua-17 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-18 pregnant best friends look down at bellies together boulder-maternity-chautauqua-20 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-21 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-22 gorgeous close up maternity photo in tall grass mountains boulder-maternity-chautauqua-24 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-25 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-26 husband puts hand on sites cheek maternity outdoor chautauqua park boulder-maternity-chautauqua-28 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-29 boulder-maternity-chautauqua-30 husband and wife look at each other while holding pregnant belly boulder colorado boulder-maternity-chautauqua-32


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