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Christina & Myf’s Art Gallery Wedding (Party!)~ Space Gallery, Denver Co.

I really love these ladies.  It is so cool how you can feel so connected to people immediately.  Immediately after meeting with them in our consult…I knew we would have a great time together!  That was confirmed through email rapport, and then their Engagement shoot outside of Evergreen and Morrison!  These are two of the most welcoming, genuine and funny women to be around…and I knew their wedding would be nothing short of an amazingly fun party!  So, here we go!

I think that they were a bit nervous at first that their venue was not going to be ready in time (well…I;m pretty sure anyway…)– the Space Gallery had recently acquired new space down the street from the existing building in the Art district on Santa Fe….and when we walked the space together a couple months prior, it was literally cement and piping, etc.  I knew it would work out though– and it ended up being such a cool venue!  I think they still have a few things to “finalize”– but it ended up being gorgeous, and so unique!  I loved the huge Garage doors– so urban and artistic.

The ceremony literally had EVERYONE in tears…and was extremely moving.  Then….it was hilarious.  Again, I love these ladies.  Myf told her “peppermint Pattie” story, and I was dying at her stone serious face when everyone was cracking up!  The reception was definitely a party– with one of my favorite guests being Christina’s Dad— holy cow this guys could boogie….just killed me all night.  Her mom too– this woman is amazing anyway– climbed Kilamanjaro, and been all over the world.  Cool peeps.  The night rounded out with dancing (of course), Trivia games, a late night Piñata (filled with liquor and candy that everyone attached advice to!  So fun!), and a few photos (of course!).  One standout unique part of their night was also their “What Love Looks Like” wall.  They had all their guests send them a photo of what they thought Love looked like….it was totally awesome.

A big Thank you to Erin for shooting with me! Muah!

So, without further a due…..(I thin I spelled that wrong…)– here is the beautiful union of Christina and Myfanwy!  Cheers!

storyboard127 storyboard128 storyboard129 storyboard130 storyboard131 storyboard132 storyboard133 storyboard134 storyboard135 storyboard136 storyboard137 storyboard138 storyboard139 storyboard140 storyboard141 storyboard142 storyboard143 storyboard144 storyboard145 storyboard146 storyboard147 storyboard148 storyboard149 storyboard150 storyboard151 storyboard152 storyboard153 storyboard154 storyboard155 storyboard156 storyboard157 storyboard158 storyboard159 storyboard160 storyboard161 storyboard162 storyboard163 storyboard164 storyboard165 storyboard166 storyboard167 storyboard168 storyboard169 storyboard170 storyboard171 storyboard172


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  1. This wedding is so cool. But the floral pinata puts it over the top!

    July 17, 2014 at 9:43 AM

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