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Little Logan is here!~ Colorado Newborn Photography~ Lafayette, CO

OMG.  this little dude was just too sweet.  Not only was he just gorgeous– but he was such a sweetie and such a good boy for his session!

I have known this little guy’s mama for years…and was honored to photograph their wedding, and Maternity pics as well!  If you follow my blog, you will recognize this adorable family I’m sure!  It’s such and honor and so moving to me to be able to continually be a part of people’s most important life moments….I truly have an awesome job!

I love doing in-home Newborn sessions as well, because I feel it’s important to incorporate anything into the photos that represents life just as it is at this time.  Also, mom, baby and Dad are usually ore comfortable at home, since these sessions are typically within 2 weeks of birth!  Often times I will tae photos that may not mean much at the time (details, etc.)– but as a mother, I know the things that I wish I had remembered, or had a photo of, and I hope that one day all my clients will take a peek back at these photos, and be able to remember the “little things”.

Anyway– here is little Logan!!  He was just under a week old– and totally cute.  I am in love with the pics of him and mama on the bed together 😉  Amber (mom) had ordered some cute little outfits for him (snail, bee, giraffe, etc.)– and at the very end of his shoot, he was totally knocked out…so we were able to literally just change him into every single outfit and get a shot for them!  It was super cute and hilarious at the same time (we were joking how he will hate us when he is older! 😉

Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-1 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-2 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-3 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-4 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-5 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-6 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-7 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-8 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-9 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-10 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-11 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-12 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-13 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-14 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-15 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-16 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-17 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-18 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-19 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-20 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-21 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-22 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-23 Boulder-in-home-newborn-photography-24


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