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A Grand Affair~ Downtown Wedding Photography~ Grand Hyatt Denver, CO.

Back in May…..(yes…I am quite a bit backed up on blogging!;)…I had the honor of shooting with a fellow photographer and friend at the Grand Hyatt Denver.  I was stoked because I love Josh (Josh Barrett,, and I think we have similar styles of shooting…but because I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to shoot a full wedding at this Venue!  In my former life, this was actually where I worked as a Catering Manager (which in turn helped catapult my crazy leap of faith into Photography…..)– so it was so nice seeing some familiar faces and being on the other side of the events there!

Recently, the Grand Hyatt had done a bunch of awesome renovations to the rooms and Meeting and Event space, and it looked awesome!  If you are looking for a venue for a Wedding or Party (or corporate event!) in the Denver area with an awesome view and awesome service– check them out!!

Nevertheless, not only was this wedding gorgeously styled and executed….but this was one of the sweetest and kind couples I have ever met.  So chilled out too!  The whole day was an absolute pleasure to be a part of.  Unfortunately, I don’t have all the vendor credits, but as you can see– it was beautifully orchestrated….and the guests had a blast!  I got to spend some time with the girls early on, and then we switched it up and I got to walk around downtown with the dudes…we had a blast!  Probably two of my all-time favorite groomsmen shots…..(reflection and brick wall….you’ll see;)

Thank you to Josh for having me along!!  Thank you and congrats to Liz and Andrew as well (if you stumble upon this! 😉

Let the gorgeous-ness commence……

Oops…I did a lot of photos….oh well.

cool wedding dress shot in downtown window artistic black and white photos of bride getting ready in denver storyboard003 bride wedding details laying on leather chair pink and white peony wedding bouquets creative wedding bouquet photo in Denver hotel room cute flower girl and Bride getting ready photos storyboard008 storyboard009 bride puts strapless wedding dress on in Grand Hyatt Denver hotel room storyboard011 beautiful bride puts jewelry on in window light in Colorado artistic veil photo cool black and white composition photo of bride in hotel storyboard015 modern and artistic photo of bride against lit up wall in Denver Colorado creative perspective photo of bride in Grand Hyatt Denver lobby bride and bridesmaids get into Limo in Denver Denver Courthouse wedding photo first look groom sees Bride for first time at Denver Courthouse bride and groom kiss next to white pillars of Denver courthouse funny bridal party photo without bride and groom in colorado gorgeous black and white portrait of bride and groom next to tall white pillars bridal party watches bride and groom first look candid photos of bridal party in Denver colorado unique and fun bridal party photos relaxed and fun wedding party photos Colorado Artistically composed photo of Groomsmen on Denver courthouse steps funny photo of groomsmen in Denver against Brickwall reflection of groomsmen in puddle abbey road photo of groomsmen in Denver dapper photo of groom sitting on park bench beautifully lit outdoor groomsmen portraits in Downtown Denver side glance from groom relaxing on park bench wide angle photo of groomsmen with cigars on Denver city park bench bride and groom walk around downtown denver streets together storyboard037 bride and groom kiss against city wall in downtown storyboard039 downtown Denver bridal portrait with pink and white peony bouquet classic bouquet photo of peonies downtown portrait of bride and groom with car motion behind wedding ceremony at Holy Ghost Church up close photo of bride walking down aisle at holy ghost church pulled back photo of wedding ceremony at Catholic Church in Colorado details and decor of Cathedral Wedding ceremony artistic black and white indoor ceremony photos denver unique perspective wedding ceremony photos in cathedral wedding ceremony Kiss in Denver Colorado Cathedral wedding processional at Holy Ghost Church Denver Table and room decor at Grand Hyatt Denver Wedding gold pink and white wedding flowers and decor at wedding reception large peony table centerpieces and candles at Denver Wedding reception gorgeous backlit wedding cake at Grand Hyatt Denver wedding storyboard055 storyboard056 storyboard057 off camera lighting Bride and groom first Dance in Ballroom beautiful off camera lighting wedding reception in Denver black and white film looking photos of cutting wedding cake in colorado storyboard061 storyboard062 bride and groom reactions during speeches storyboard064 storyboard065 bride dances with father in downtown denver ballroom cool lens flare photo with groom and mother dancing storyboard068 wedding reception dancing photos at Grand Hyatt Denver storyboard070 cute photo of flower girl on dance floor wedding guests catching brides bouquet storyboard073 wedding guests funny faces while dancing at denver wedding storyboard075 storyboard076 reflection photo of Downtown Denver Skyline during wedding reception



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