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Stephanie and Jeremy are Married!~ Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography~ Briarwood Inn, Golden, CO

I met these two lovely people not long before their actual wedding day– and I just knew right then that we would have an awesome connection.  You just know sometimes.

I was honored to be the one to capture their wedding- and joining of families!  I truly love weddings when not only two people become a family, but kiddos are part of the deal as well!  It’s beautiful seeing these relationships form, and the excitement from the kids!  I just love the photo (below) with Stephanie just tearing up looking at Jeremy getting pics with the kids….it was a beautiful moment of pure happiness.

The wedding took place at the Briarwood Inn in Golden, which is a wonderful small intimate mountain style venue, just outside Golden.  I had just been there the week before (see last wedding post!), but it’s amazing how the couple, and the story, truly make it different!  It was a very relaxed and beautiful ceremony and reception- and I was honored to be there!  Congrats you two!!

Here are a handful of some of my favorite images from the day!

Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0006 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0007 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0008 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0009 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0010 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0011 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0012 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0013 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0014 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0015 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0016 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0017 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0018 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0019 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0020 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0021 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0022 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0023 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0024 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0025 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0026 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0027 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0028 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0029 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0030 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0031 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0032 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0033 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0034 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0035 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0036 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0037 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0038 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0039 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0040 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0041 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0042 nicely lit father daughter dance in colorado Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0044 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0045 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0046 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0047 Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0048 bride and groom dance down reception line Golden-colorado-intimate-wedding_0050


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