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Sarah & Brandon’s gorgeous Fall Engagement afternoon!~ Colorado Engagement photography~Belmar Park, Lakewood, CO

I love fall….but I had real beef to pick this year with it.  It was TOO gorgeous….in everybody’s backyards!!  I feel like there were so many ridiculously gorgeous red/colorful trees this year– more than normal (the red color…)- maybe I just forget every year– but I was having a hard time finding equally gorgeous trees for photographing in public places.  So, the day of Sarah and Brandons’ shoot (which was a beautiful fall day!)– I went hunting for trees.  I managed to find some nice ones…right in front of a library ;).  Just goes to show you that you don’t need a huge park or space to get great shots!

Anyway– I am so happy for these two– and have a special connection here– as it is my step-brother!!  They are tying the knot on New Year’s Eve– and I am so excited to be a part of their day!!!  Sarah you are going to be a stunning bride!

I had to include this first shot…it is actually in my backyard 😉  We were warming Brandon up a bit…and they were goofing around on the swing…and I think it is just such a silly, cute photo!!  After stopping to pick up Brandon some Fireball Whiskey to loosen up a bit…we headed towards one of my favorite areas to shoot in Lakewood, Belmar Park.  It is right behind the library– so we grabbed some shots at the pretty trees I found, and then headed up to the lake area!  I love this area– so much variety!

Yay for Fall!  Now, let’s see some gorgeous snowflakes on the wedding day!!

Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-1 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-2 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-3 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-4 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-5 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-6 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-7 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-8 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-9 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-10 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-11 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-12 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-13 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-14 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-15 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-16 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-17 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-18 Denver-fall-color-engagement-photography-19


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