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Sarah & Brandon / Denver Winter Wedding Photography / Omni Hotel, Broomfield, CO

Oh these two.  So, I have  bit of a bias…because Brandon is actually my step brother!  Now, you will very often hear that as photographer, you should never photograph your family or friends….it’s just too much.  However, I disagree. I have had the pleasure of photographing some of my best friends weddings, and now my Step brother!  Here’s the thing, I truly love what I do…so if I get to pair that with hanging out with family and friends, I’ll do it!  win-win!  So, needless to say, I was honored when Sarah and Brandon asked me to be their photographer– knowing that they could have chosen someone else!

So, it happened to be a polar vortex sort of a day (and day before)– so despite some of the Colorado blue sky photos– it was fricken freezing!!!  Hats off to Sarah for braving the cold for a few shots outdoors in her dress!  Despite the weather though, it was a gorgeous evening!  The team that put together the wedding really did an amazing job!  The lighting and decor and florals all looked amazing!  Sarah and her girls had such a clean and classic elegant look going on, as did the guys!  It fit in just right with all the String Cheese Incident concert-goers that happened to be taking over the hotel that weekend! lol!  It was pretty entertaining to say the least!

The ceremony and Reception both took place at the Omni hotel, which is always nice to be able to shack up after a night of partying!  Being that it was New Years Eve, we were allowed to party until 2am– and the DJ was awesome and kept the party going!  I eventually put my camera back in my room, and got to party a while myself with my hubby and family- it was great (night off from the kiddos of course!)!

All in all, it was a beautiful day, and I couldn’t be happier for my bro and Sarah!!  Thank you guys for including me on this day- I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys!!


Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0001 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0085 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0002 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0003 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0004 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0005 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0006 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0007 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0008 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0010 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0009 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0013 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0011 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0012 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0014 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0015 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0016 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0017 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0018 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0019 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0020 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0021 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0022 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0023 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0024 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0025 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0026 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0027 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0028 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0029 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0030 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0031 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0032 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0033 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0034 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0035 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0036 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0037 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0038 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0039 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0040 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0041 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0042 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0043 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0044 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0045 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0046 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0047 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0048 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0049 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0050 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0051 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0052 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0053 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0054 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0055 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0056 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0057 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0058 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0059 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0060 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0061 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0062 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0063 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0064 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0065 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0066 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0067 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0068 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0069 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0070 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0071 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0072 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0073 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0074 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0075 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0076 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0077 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0078 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0079 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0080 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0081 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0083 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0084 Denver-colorado-winter-wedding-_0082


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