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Ali & Kyle / Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography / Winter Park, CO

Well…turns out I still have some awesome weddings to blog from 2014– holy cow!  Including this one…which was amazeballs.  Yep, I said that.

I love these two.

When I book a wedding, I am booking new friends.  I am booking an investment into someone else’s life.  I truly feel it’s important to understand a couple’s story, and truly CARE about them…and their wedding day!  I really enjoyed Ali & Kyle’s wedding– not because it was at a beautiful Ski resort on top of a Mountain on a PERFECT Colorado sunny day…but because I formed a real connection with them over the last year.  It meant something– and I cried a little at their ceremony.  THAT is why I do what I do.

What does all that mean for this blog post?  Well..nothing really…except to let them know how honored I was to be there– and how much I enjoyed getting to know them– and how I with them the very very best!!!! 😉

Ceremony and Reception held at The Sunspot Lodge, on top of the Winter Park mountain!  You will see that in addition to a gorgeous blue-sky day, we got a KILLER sunset as well– really….could you ask for more!?  Then there is Ali– holy cow woman…you looked STUNNING!!!  Kyle– you looked pretty dapper yourself 😉  All the vendors that made this day so gorgeous really did an amazing job- florals, table centerpieces, etc….and Emily at the Sunspot Lodge is so wonderful!

We got out once the stars came out (and it got pretty darn cold by then actually!  Ali braved it!)- and played a bit with some Star and light painting shots!  It was a bit of a challenge to get a spot with the lights showing from the Ski lift (that is light that is lighting up the trees in the star shot)…but they came out cool and was fun!

So- Congrats you two!  Thanks for having us a part of your adventure!

Shout out to my Partner in crime– Kristy Wedel!  Many of these images are hers as well!  Couldn’t have done it without you chica!

lace wedding dress hanging in window reflection of bride looking compact mirror on wedding day funny photo of bridesmaids on bed in floral robes Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0004 wedding bouquets with shades of orange purple and yellow in mason jars photo of groom getting ready in Winter Park Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0007 natural style boutonniere for Colorado mountain wedding Groomsmen ride chairlift at Winter Park Ski resort Wedding Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0010 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0011 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0012 stunning portraits of blonde bride colorado mountain wedding Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0014 Bride and Bridesmaid ride ski lift at Winter Park wedding Grooms portraits on top of Mountain in Colorado series of photos of Bride and Groom outdoor first look in Winter Park Colorado Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0018 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0019 portrait-of-bride-and groom-on-mountain-top-in-Colorado Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0020 creative-portrait-of-bride-outdoors-colorado-mountain-wedding stunning-bride-and-groom-portrait-sunspot-lodge-wedding Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0022 fun-candid-wedding-photographs-colorado Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0024 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0025 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0026 untraditional-wedding-party-photos-colorado Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0028 wedding-ceremony-setup-and-decor-at-The-Lodge-at-Sunspot wedding-ceremony-photos-on-top-of-mountain Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0031 photos-of-bride-with-father-walking-down-aisle Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0032 wedding-ceremony-photos-winter-park-colorado Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0034 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0036 first-kiss-photos-on-sundeck-lodge-at-sunspot Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0038 candid-photos-of-bride-wedding-day silly-filmstrip-style-photos-bridal-party-colorado-wedding Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0041 Table-decor-and-flowers-at-The-Lodge-at-Sunspot-wedding cupcake-dessert-table-wedding-display Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0044 bride-and-groom-on-gondola-winter-park-wedding Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0046 bride-and-groom-potraits-with-beautiful-mountain-sunset bride-and-groom-photo-winter-park-mountain-pretty-sunset Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0049 bride-and-groom-cheers-copper-mugs-in-mountains amazing-summer-sunset-winter-park-colorado Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0052 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0053 silhouette-sunset-photo-bride-and-groom-first-dance Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0055 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0056 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0057 fun-father-daughter-first-dance-colorado Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0059 uniquely-lit-wedding-ring-photos Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0061 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0062 star-and-light-painting-photos-winter-park-wedding Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0064 Winter-Park-Colorado-Mountain-wedding-photography-_0065


4 responses

  1. Deziree

    I’m going to have to agree that this wedding is amazeballs! It is both completely gorgeous and fun and you totally got that feeling in your photos. You did a great job capturing this special day!

    March 5, 2015 at 10:13 AM

    • Thank you Both! Colorado is such an awesome place to be a photographer– and full or awesome peeps! 😉

      March 5, 2015 at 11:00 AM

  2. I love this! So much emotion and such a stunning wedding!

    March 5, 2015 at 10:40 AM

  3. jenniecrate

    Beautiful wedding!!

    March 5, 2015 at 1:20 PM

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