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Doh!! Sorry blog– I have been neglecting you!

If you are one of my loyal followers…or have stumbled on this blog looking for your Wedding photographer…I have sooooooo much in store for you coming up….that you won’t even know what hit ya!!

It is true– I have been a bit absent in the last few months!  However, this is because I am actually going to have a bright shiny NEW BLOG very soon!!!!  This blog has been my journal for years of so many beautiful photos and sessions with people that I am happy to call friends!  This blog will remain present, however, I will no longer be posting NEW material here— you will be able to find all of that on my new blog!

So, where is this new blog?  Good question!!  I will be very soon posting the new link!  It will be integrated with my new website, and it will be amazing.

So, because I am wanting to post lot soft stuff to this new blog– I have been saving all my recent work to post there!  Soon enough my friends…you will have a plethora of vibrant and genuine photos to view– as well as a NEW BRAND and WEBSITE!!!

Thanks for all your support as usual!  See ya on the new site!!

(Just for fun….here is a little peek from a recent wedding I loved!  Sunsets, small towns, and backyards….some of my favorite things!)

groom kisses smiling bride in front of bright green bush


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