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Baby Bella is here!~ Denver Newborn Photography~ Centennial, CO

This little munch was just too cute for words.  Baby Isabella came into the world to a dear old friend of mine….it was so nice seeing her and catching up– and meeting her beautiful baby!

Bella did a wonderful job for her shoot–  dry sleepy and cooperative and adorable!  WE even managed to get a pretty difficult pose (head in the hands)– sporting her Bronco Hat!!  (This is actually a composite image– please do not try alone with a newborn baby!)

Thanks for asking me to document this time for you guys!  She is so sweet!

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A bit behind in blogging! A recent Newborn mash-up!~ Colorado Newborn Photography

So….I am hugely behind in blogging session from the last few months of 2013…and now into 2014…yikes!  I was insanely busy recently– woo-hoo!— but now I am realizing that My poor little blog has suffered ;(

Anyway– here is a little mashup of a few newborn kiddos I did recently…..(stay tuned a bunch more lined up for this month already!).  Such sweet little boys!  they all did a wonderful job and were fantastic babies!  However, I am getting the urge to photograph a little girl!!  So many little boys recently!  What has been in the water!?  Oh wait…I get to meet a little girl later this week!

So here are a few shots of Peter, Wyatt and Connor!  Denver, Erie, and Loveland babies!!  (and their beautiful families!!!)

1st up, Peter and the Swisher family!  You may remember their family/Maternity pics right before baby came…you can check that post out here….

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Cute right??  Alrighty…now here is Wyatt!!  (and notably big brother Liam…who I did his Newborn photos a few years ago!  I love that!)

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And most recently….little Connor!  This little man was seriously such an easy babe to photograph!  Slept the whole time!  Pretty rare! 😉  Good job little buddy– hopefully you’re still doing that for Mom and Dad!

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Baby Holland!~ Denver Newborn and Sibling Photography~ Aurora, CO

Baby Holly (for short…) is such a little sweetie– and did a great job on our shoot!  Big sis was definitely my pal– and great assistant for the morning though!  They are both such cute little girls…easily to see it’s because mama is so pretty!  Dad is in the Military, so we got some great pics of the baby with him in his gear– it is so cool to see that combination….simplicity can be beautiful in a photograph for sure.  I very much enjoyed hanging out for the morning with this adorable lil’ family– and wish them all the best with a toddler and newborn! 😉

This family won a raffle prize (for their session) that I donated to my friends at the Giggling Green Bean in Lakewood!  It is a wonderful store for Natural Baby items and toys!!  There is one in the Highlands as well– check them out!!

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