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Cutie-Patootie Zayla!~ Denver Newborn Photography~ Arvada, CO

I had so much fun with this lil’ family!  When I arrived to do pics of brand new Zayla…big sis Zoe and I instantly made friends!  I loved the way she grabbed my hand and showed me around her room, her toys, and how she knew Spanish!  so cute.  I love kids that age (3-5)– so animated and truthful! 😉  She was then a great help to me with my background clips and other “assistant” stuff!  These are the sessions I love most– when I get to just feel like part of the family 😉

Then there was little Zayla– she is just so pretty.  She did a great job too!  Once we kept the heat on her anyway! 😉  Girl after my own heart….I hate being cold!  We got some really cute little shots of Zayla alone…and then grabbed a few of the fam!  Personally, my favorites are always the ones where mom or Dad pick up the babe…and just do their thing…and magic happens.

So here is your daily dose of cuteness in Newborn baby form!  woohoo!

Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-22 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-14 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-15 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-24 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-23 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-13 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-12 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-21 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-20 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-19 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-18 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-1 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-17 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-16 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-10 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-11 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-9 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-8 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-7 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-6 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-5 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-4 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-3 Denver_newborn_photography_Zayla-2


Baby Holland!~ Denver Newborn and Sibling Photography~ Aurora, CO

Baby Holly (for short…) is such a little sweetie– and did a great job on our shoot!  Big sis was definitely my pal– and great assistant for the morning though!  They are both such cute little girls…easily to see it’s because mama is so pretty!  Dad is in the Military, so we got some great pics of the baby with him in his gear– it is so cool to see that combination….simplicity can be beautiful in a photograph for sure.  I very much enjoyed hanging out for the morning with this adorable lil’ family– and wish them all the best with a toddler and newborn! 😉

This family won a raffle prize (for their session) that I donated to my friends at the Giggling Green Bean in Lakewood!  It is a wonderful store for Natural Baby items and toys!!  There is one in the Highlands as well– check them out!!

800_1486 photo of newborn girl posing in Milk pail with cute white headband in Denver Colorado 800_1517 800_1518 800_1552 800_1558 candid black and white photo of mother holding Newborn baby up to her face while smiling 800_1606 800_1647 800_1665 Newobrn baby and toddler sibling pose while laying on blanket and looking up at camera in Denver Colorado photo session 800_1749 Newborn baby photos with Military father in Denver Colorado 800_1776 800_1784